DAISI new features


Drawing from our years of experience manufacturing Daisi units we have used all our expertise to revise the Daisi, building on its strengths and focusing to improve on its weaker points to produce the new and improved Daisi v2.

New flanges

A new range of flanges are now available for the DAISI and DAISI-MT products : V-Groove types for any ferrule size, manually or motor operated.

Red-Light phase-shifting is now standard

All our DAISI-MT interferometers are now capable of measuring both single fiber and multi-fiber ferrules. With a combination of white-light and red-light phase shifting, it’s one interferometer for all your needs!
The red-light option also enables higher accuracy core-dip measurement and make this unit compliant to the latest and soon to be published IEC/TIA standards for MT endface geometry measurements