The volume production interferometer for ferrule end-face geometry measurements at entry-level price.

3D-Scope-v2 is the new interferometer for the use in the production environment. It was designed with speed, precision, simplicity, robustness and cost in mind.

Non-compressed, real time and high quality images are transfered from the hardware to the software via a USB2.0 high speed link in addition to the automation and control commands.
3DScope-v2 has a small footprint and can be interfaced to laptop or desktop computers through one single USB 2.0 link only.
All calibration steps are automated and embedded into a user-friendly software interface in order to yield error-free and reliable measurements.

3DScope-v2 is supported by the powerfull BLINK software platform.


Key Features

  • Single unit for measurement of single-fiber, PC and APC ferrules, connectors and bare fibers
  • Lightning speed measurement cycle (0.5secs for SF connectors)
  • Autofocus option
  • PASS/FAIL result visual feedback via front panel start-button LED color
  • high resolution custom optics
  • Integrated PC/APC tilt stage, no apex re-calibration required
  • Non-contact measurement
  • True phase-shifting interferometer
  • Completely vibration insensitive. Measure while holding system in hand
  • Connector key adaptors for most connector types
  • Fast and automated measurement of radius, apex offset, fiber height + more
  • Accurate and repeatable measurements
  • Interfaceable to laptop computers, only one USB2.0 link required
  • Compliance with Industry Standards for Interferometer Measurements
  • Measure angle of cleaving of bare fibers with great accuracy
  • High resolution 2D & 3D surface profiles
  • Measurement Report and History Report in HTML format
  • Directly export measurement data into any DataBase
  • Measure Fiber and Ferrule Roughness (Sq parameter)
  • Low cost!


Data-Pixel products datasheet
General article on interferometry


Main interface
Polished connector measurement example at x400 magnification.



EXCEL measurement & comparative reports examples:
*Repeatability/Reproducibility Range
Radius (mm)±0.05% / ±0.05%3 to flat
Apex Offset (µm)±0.5 / ±10 to 500
Fibre Height (nm)±1 / ±1.5±160
Fiber Cleave Angle±0.01° / ±0.015°0 to 12°
Measurement Speed0.5 sec †
Power requirements12V external- 12VA
Temperature10 to 35°C
Humidity5 to 85%, non-condensing
* 1 Sigma values.
Repeatability values calculated from 50 consecutive measurements without interaction on connector between measurements.
Reproducibility values calculated from 50 consecutive measurements while rotating connector in ferrule holder between measurements.

† Scan speed, excluding clamping and autofocus