Real-time automated visual inspection software.

The combination of the Data-Pixel Blink software and DScope microscope provides the ultimate visual inspection station for fiber optic connector surface defect analysis providing an instantaneous pass or fail.

This is accomplished by using the latest innovations in image processing providing a system that is unparalleled in the industry for speed. With the addition of the auto-focus this system will produce operator independent results based on user defined templates in just a fraction of a second from inserting the connector into the fixture (the blink of an eye).
Results are automatically exported to a customisable measurement reports.

Key Features

  • Real-time detection
  • Complies with IEC/TIA standards
  • Windows XP and 7 supported
  • Autofocus option available
  • HTML reports
  • Export to databases


Data-Pixel products datasheet



Main interface
Coarse scratches
Main interface
Fine scratches
HTML report
HTML Report