High precision fibre to ferrule angular misalignment measurements.

The Koncentrik-FarField will enable you to measure the angular misalignment between the fibre and the ferrule axes in an optical connector as per the IEC 61300-3-26 standard.
The optical performance (Insertion loss) of a connector is mainly influenced by the fibre eccentricity (measured with Data-Pixel’s Koncentrik-V2) and fibre misalignment (also known as “fibre angle” and now measurable with Data-Pixel’s Koncentrik-FarField).
You can now fully evaluate and manage the optical performance of your connections with Data-Pixel products.



Applications range from quality assurance and supplier verification to ultra-low insertion loss connections.


Data-Pixel products datasheet

Key Features

  • Measure SM and MM fibre types, all PC-polish connector types
  • Measurement data exported in standard CSV format
  • Data-base connectivity
  • Statistics on measurements available



Main interface
Main interface
Measurement Speed10 sec+ (user variable)
Power requirements12V external supply
Link to PCUSB2.0, no card required
Temperature10 to 35°C
Humidity5 to 85%, non-condensing