The DAISI MT-V3 interferometer is the industry reference for MT product measurements, based on the same design philosophy that made the DAISI a success. DAISI MT-V3 have been designed for use in production and field applications.

In 2019 the measurement speed have been largely optimized. Measurement + calculation time is now better than 5 seconds for MT-12 based connectors.

With the Blink software Platform, DAISI is able to measure end face geometry on single-fiber or multi-fiber connectors or ferrules. The Blink software platform is the easiest way to produce customised control reports.

Blink is a software platform common to all Data-Pixel products. Dedicated plugins supports the Interferometry range of products : 3D Scope-V2, Daisi-V3 and Daisi MT-V3. PDF, HTML and CSV reporting capability with extensive database support (SQL Server, MySQL, ODBC, ORACLE,…). OLE automation support is available for dedicated application

Order options

DAISI MT-V3 unit with Blink automated interferometry

– Blink interferometry

– 2 flanges (Male/female, 12/24 or 16/32)

– 2 adapters (MT ferrule or MPO)


Flange MT 12/24 Male


Flange MT 16/32 Male


Flange MT 12/24 Female


Flange MT 16/32 Female


Adapter MT ferrule 12/24 and 16/32


Adapter MPO 12/24


Adapter MPO 16/32


Flange 2.50mm, manual


Flange 1.25mm, manual


Key features
  • Measurement of PC + APC connectors and ferrules, single fiber and multi-fiber, MT-12 and MT-16 up to 6 rows
  • True phase-shifting interferometer
  • Non-contact measurement
  • Smart autofocus, only focus when required
  • Automatic calibration of reference mirror
  • Supports MT-16 and MT-12 based connectors
  • Vibration insensitive
  • Easy and fast switching from PC to APC, no change of fiber holder required
  • Compliance with Industry Standards for Interferometer Measurements
  • Intuitive BLINK software, with data-base connectivity
  • Compatible with desktop PC, laptop, tablet PC

Field of view (mm) :

5.6 x 3.0

Scan mode :

Red light and White light

X and Y angles (°) :

± 1 deviation, 0 (PC) to 8 (APC)

Fiber Height (μm) :

Up to 20

Measurement speed (sec.) :

< 5 (MT12)

Lateral resolution (μm) :

2.5 max.

Outputs : USB 2.0 + USB 3.0

Power source :

External 12 V

Dimensions HxWxL (mm) :

133 x 171 x 244

Weight (kg) :