D Scope PM is dedicated to PANDA polarization maintaining fibers. It combines the high quality inspection image of the D Scope microscope with its low cost.

The microscope is able to measure in real time the angular alignement of the stress elements relative to the connector key position.

With Blink PM Aligner , the D Scope PM brings operators an automated tool to control and measure PM fiber orientation inside connectors.

Order options

D scope PM unit with :

–  Manual
–  Blink PM-Alignment
–  1 set for 1.25mm or 2.50 mm connectors (1 sleeve holder, 1 calibration stub, 1 adapter)


Set including :

– 1 Calibration fiber stub, 1.25mm, for PM fiber calibration.
– 1 LC adapter


Set including :

– 1 Calibration fiber stub, 2.50mm, for PM fiber calibration.
– 1 SC adapter


Adapter, 2.50mm FC Wide


Adapter, 2.50mm FC Narrow


Key features
  • Measures PANDA style fibers
  • Magnification x 400
  • True Koehler optical design for homogeneous lighting
  • Automated and real time measurement
  • Easy calibration with Blink PM Aligner
  • High speed USB 2.0 for live digital image
  • Field stop diaphragm
  • Ergonomic fine focus control
  • USB powered – no outside power supply needed
  • Compatible with desktop PC, laptop, tablet PC