Koncentrik-V2 is a modular measurement system. Fiber or ferrule eccentriccity measurements can be performed using different mechanical modules.

Koncentrik-V2 Ferrule is dedicated to concentricity measurement of ferrule bore to ferrule envelope.

The software indicates the max eccentricity angle when rotating the ferrule.
With the Blink software platform, Koncentrik-V2 is an easy to use measurement unit with database connectivity.

Order options
Koncentrik Ferrule unit with:
– Blink Concentricity
Koncentrik Ferrule unit with:
– Blink Concentricity
Holder for bare ferrule 1.25mm 30-HL-000728
Holder for bare ferrule 1.60mm 30-HL-001024
Holder for bare ferrule 2.00mm 30-HL-001740
Holder for bare ferrule 2.50mm 30-HL-000729
Holder for patchcord 1.25mm, sleeve-type 30-HL-000719
Holder for patchcord 2.50mm, sleeve-type 30-HL-000720

Holder for patchcord 3.17mm (SMA), sleeve-type


Holder for patchcord 1.25mm, VGroove-type

Holder for patchcord 1.60mm, VGroove-type


Holder for patchcord 2.00mm, VGroove-type


Holder for patchcord 2.50mm, VGroove-type


Key features
  • Measures ceramic and metal PC-type ferrule
  • Automatic measurement + re-positionning of ferrule at tuned position
  • Ferrule end-face visual inspection at x 400 magnification
  • Ferrule envelope on bare ferrules & bore shape-error measurement
  • User adjustable quality level for high-speed measurements
  • Easy calibration Blink Concentricity software
  • Measurement data exported in standard CSV format
  • Statistics on measurements available
  • Measurement report in HTML format
  • Compatible with desktop PC, laptop, tablet PC
Eccentricity (μm) : 0 to 100

Indexing measurement (degrees) :

0 to 360
Measurement speed (sec.) : 3 (depends on user)
Magnification : x 400

Ferrule outside diameter (mm) :

1.00 to 3.17

Fiber core diameter (μm) :

5 to 400

Power source : 12 V
Dimensions HxWxL (mm) : 120x150x260

Weight (kg) :