DScope new features

Blink goes live, drives autofocus and achieves better contrast

Our real-time automated visual inspection software (Blink) is able to drive the DScope with two new hardware options:
– a fast autofocus for operator independent results
– a revised design for contrasted details in both the ferrule and fiber areas simultaneously

PM orientator

Polarisation Maintaining (PM) option
Real-time PM Fibers angular alignment measurement capability is now possible with our additional front light.

Our software detects the circular stress elements and displays in real time the PM angle to help you best align it against the connector key.

DAISI new features


Drawing from our years of experience manufacturing Daisi units we have used all our expertise to revise the Daisi, building on its strengths and focusing to improve on its weaker points to produce the new and improved Daisi v2.

New flanges

A new range of flanges are now available for the DAISI and DAISI-MT products : V-Groove types for any ferrule size, manually or motor operated.

Red-Light phase-shifting is now standard

All our DAISI-MT interferometers are now capable of measuring both single fiber and multi-fiber ferrules. With a combination of white-light and red-light phase shifting, it’s one interferometer for all your needs!
The red-light option also enables higher accuracy core-dip measurement and make this unit compliant to the latest and soon to be published IEC/TIA standards for MT endface geometry measurements

DAISIMT has single fiber connectors capability!

DAISIMT now offers a monochromatic (Red-Light) phase-shifting capability in addition to its standard White-Light scanning mode (older units can be upgraded) for fast and accurate single fiber endface geometry measurements, similar to the DAISI single fiber units or the new 3DScope.

When using the DAISIMT hardware in conjunction with a single fiber connector holder and the DAISI software (revision DAISI v7.3 or higher), single fiber connectors endface geometry can now also be evaluated.

Details at : DAISIMT product page

New Koncentrik V2 released

Data-Pixel is proud to announce the release of its new Koncentrik V2 product. We re-designed from scratch the Koncentrik system, Data-Pixel’s very first product which was a success for the last 10 years. With an integrated industrial servo motor to automatically rotate ferrules, interchangeable chucks to also measure and tune patchcords and a simple USB2.0 link to any computer, Koncentrik V2 is already a success!

Details at : Koncentrik V2 product webpage

3DScope released

Data-Pixel is pleased to introduce the 3D-Scope interferometer. 3D-Scope is the new interferometer really designed for the use in the production environment. It was designed with speed, precision, simplicity, robustness and cost in mind

Details at : 3DScope product webpage