Evolution of the D scope MT, the D Scope MT LWD is equipped with a precision optical system with Long Working Distance (LWD). This functionality brings even more potential to the instrument. In a single scan, D Scope MT LWD can automatically control optical fibers and the end-face cleanliness of MPO connectors in cassettes, in patch-cord form or during assembly (MT ferrule). Always more precise and with the help of AI, the instrument detects defects as small as 0.4┬Ám.



The D Scope MT family is based on Blink Deep Learning. This AI currently provides the user with:

– better defect detection level;
– very effective thresholding of defect detection sensitivity,
– possible relearning by the software of atypical defects or customized optical fibers.


A world premiere in the field of optical fiber connector metrology, Data-Pixel introduces automatic connector end-face cleanliness diagnostics. Blink Deep Learning is now able to recognize and measure dirt or any other defects on the end-face of an MPO connector. Users can now preselect dust size allowance and acceptable percentages. Blink Deep Learning then returns the Pass / Fail diagnosis of connector cleanliness.