The Blink software platform is common to all Data-Pixel products. A modern software built with a plugin architecture. It supports all Data-Pixel products, each product having a dedicated plugin (Inspection, Interferometry, Concentricity …)


This unique approach has numerous advantages, including :

  • A common platform for all our products (DAISI, DAISI MT, D Scope, Koncentrik and other customized products).
  • Operator only needs to be familiar with one software to handle all Data-Pixel products
  • PDF, HTML and CSV reporting capability, extensive database support (SQL Server, MySQL, ODBC, ORACLE,…).
  • Multi-language support.
  • A translation pack is also available to distributors and customers.
  • All hardware setup, parameterisation and reporting is common to all products.
  • Customisable with multiple administrator and end user levels.
  • Graphic User Interface (GUI) is dynamic and configurable per customer/operator, dockable toolbars, etc.
  • A JavaScript scripting plugin is available for advanced users to allow customization of the application functionalities beyond the GUI (eg. A customized measurement sequence to match your specific requirements).
  • New SUPERVISOR plugin for the management and workflow tracability, hardware and data on production lines.
  • Supports Windows 7, 8 and 10.


Blink software plugins vs products correspondance table BLINK PLUGINS
Basic* Interferometry Automated Inspection Automated Inspection MT Panda Concentricity Far Field
Products Interferometry 3D Scope-V2
D Scope MT
D Scope EFI
Visual inspection D Scope x 100
D Scope x 200
D Scope x 400
D Scope x 800
D Scope PM Optional
Concentricity PM Aligner
Koncentrik-V2 Connector X
Koncentrik-V2 Ferrule
Koncentrik Farfield
  • * Blink Basic is a viewer for our Inspection instruments with camera settings and image downloading possibilities.
  • (X) Koncentrik-V2 Connector for Polarization Maintaining Fibers is available with Blink Panda upon request.