A software platform common to all Data-Pixel products


BLINK is a modern software with a plugin architecture. It supports all Data-Pixel products, each product having a dedicated plugin (Inspection, Interferometry, Concentricity …)

Blink is a versatile and complete software which will allow the users to easily run Data-Pixel full equipment range but also to:

  • measure and inspect fiber optic connectors, ferrules or bare fibers according to IEC standards or any other specification
  • collect and save data under different formats
  • issue standard or custom reports


This unique approach has numerous advantages, including :

  • A common platform for all our products (DAISI, DAISI MT, D Scope, Koncentrik and other customized products)
  • Operator only needs to get familiar with one software to handle all Data-Pixel products
  • PDF, HTML and CSV reporting capability, extensive database support (SQL Server, MySQL, ODBC, ORACLE,…).
  • Multi-language support. A translation pack is also available to distributors and customers.
  • All hardware setup, parameterization and reporting is common to all products.
  • Customizable with multiple administrator and end user levels.
  • Graphic User Interface (GUI) is dynamic and configurable per customer/operator, dockable toolbars, etc.
  • OLE automation support
  • A JavaScript scripting is available for advanced users to allow customization of the application functionalities beyond the GUI (eg. a customized measurement sequence to match your requirements).
  • Supports Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11.


Blink inspection module integrates Deep Learning:

The Deep Learning is part of AI, it is based on a specific algorithm which enables a software to contiously learn to improve its performances. Applied to scratch and defect detection and analysis of fiber optic end-face, it increases very significantly the precision, accuracy and repeatability of Data-Pixel automated inspection microscopes.

The Deep learning is integrated in Blink software as a standard feature, it is regularly trained on new types of scratches and defects by Data-Pixel and can, upon request, integrate specific defects encountered by our customers.

Globally, Blink is constantly developped to integrate new functionalities or to adapt to the IEC evolution requirement. Regularly new releases are launched and all Data-Pixel customers can upload them totally free of charge to benefit from the latest versions.


Blink software plugins vs products correspondance table BLINK PLUGINS
Basic (1) Interferometry Automated Inspection Automated Inspection MT Inspection with Deep Learning Panda Concentricity Far Field
Products Interferometry

3D Scope-V2
Visual inspection D Scope MT
D Scope MT LWD
D Scope EFI /EFI-C (2)
D Scope EFI-C LWD (2)
D Scope x 100
D Scope x 200
D Scope x 400
D Scope LFOV
D Scope x 800
D Scope PM
PM Aligner
Koncentrik-V2 Connector (3)
Koncentrik-V2 Ferrule
Koncentrik Farfield
  • (1) Blink Basic is a viewer for Microscopy with camera settings and image downloading possibilities.
  • (2) To be released soon.
  • (3) Koncentrik-V2 Connector for Polarization Maintaining Fibers is available with Blink Panda upon request.