Data-Pixel has developed a cost effective interferometer line for high volumes production without compromising accuracy or performance.

Based on our extensive interferometer manufacturing experience we designed the DAFFI MT to be robust, fast and accurate in order to meet all manufacturing or laboratory environments.

With the Blink software platform, DAFFI is able to measure the end face geometry on multi-fiber connectors and ferrules.

The Daffi interferometer accessories (flange and adapters) are fully compatible with the Daisi range, allowing the user to limit the costs of the 3D geometry measurement units.

Blink is a software platform common to all Data-Pixel products. Dedicated plugins support the Interferometry range of products : 3D Scope-V2, Daffi SF, Daisi-V3, Daffi MT and Daisi MT FP. PDF, HTML and CSV reporting capability with extensive database support (SQL Server, MySQL, ODBC, ORACLE,…). OLE automation support is available for dedicated application.

Order options

DAFFI MT 12 unit with:
Blink Interferometry


DAFFI MT 16 unit with:
Blink Interferometry


Flange MT 12/24 Male


Flange MT 16/32 Male


Flange MT 12/24 Female


Flange MT 16/32 Female


Adapter MT ferrule 12/24 and 16/32


Adapter MPO 12/24


Adapter MPO 16/32



Key features
  • Measurement of PC + APC connectors and ferrules, single-fiber and multi-fiber
  • True phase-shifting interferometer
  • Non-contact measurement
  • Smart autofocus, focus only when required
  • Automatic calibration of reference mirror
  • Supports MT-16 and MT-12 (DAFFI MT16 or DAFFI MT12), up to 6 rows
  • Vibration insensitive
  • Easy and fast switching from PC to APC, no change of fiber holder required
  • Compliance with Industry Standards for Interferometer Measurements
  • Intuitive BLINK software, with data-base connectivity
  • Compatible with desktop PC, laptop, tablet PC

Field of view (mm) :

3.3 x 2.7 (MT12)
5.6 x 3.0 (MT16)

Scan mode :

Red light and White light

X and

Y angles (degrees) :

± 1 deviation
from 0 (PC) to 8 (APC)

Fiber Height (μm) :

Up to 20

Measurement speed (sec.) :

< 5 scan + calcul.

Lateral resolution (μm) :

2.5 max.

Outputs :

USB 2.0 + USB 3.0

Power source :

External 12V

Dimensions HxWxL (mm):


Weight (kg) :