DPX360 is a unique piece of equipment that combines a state-of-the-art interferometer and a high-resolution microscope into one powerful instrument for Multi-Fiber and Single-Fiber connectors.
DPX360 can detect defects and measure the geometry of optical fiber connectors simultaneously, with unequalled performance.
The MPO connector is inserted only once, scanned in less than 15 seconds, and the DPX360 automatically provides pass/fail results for both inspection and interferometry.
The microscope of the DPX360 uses our Blink software platform integrating an Al based Deep Learning Algorithm. The benefit of this technology is to improve very significantly the quality of defect analysis. It also allows to teach the software to recognize new defect types based on the user’s specific requirements. This process is unlimited and the software provides highly repeatable pass/fail results.

Order options
DPX360 unit with Blink Interferometry and Inspection


Flange MT 12/24 Female 30-FL-004136
Flange MT 16/32 Female 30-FL-004137
Flange MT 12/24 Male 30-FL-004138
Flange MT 16/32 Male 30-FL-004139
Adapter MT ferrule 12/24 and 16/32 30-AD-004140
Adapter MPO 12/24 double key 30-AD-004141
Adapter MPO 16/32 double key 30-AD-004142
Adapters available for VSFF connectors (MDC, CS, SN, TMT, MMC, SN-MT) Ref. upon request
Key features

True phase shifting interferometer
High-resolution microscope
Dual mode: inspection and interferometry
Ultra-fast 2D and 3D cycle time < 15sec
Driven by Blink software with Deep Learning
for defect analysis
Defect size detection < 0.5μm
Supports all MT/MPO, Single Fiber and VSFF connectors
Compliant with the latest industry standards (IEC by default)

Measurement Method :

Phase shifting + Z scanning

Field of view (mm):

5.1×1.1 (inspection) 4.5×4.5 (interferometry)

Scan modes:

White light + Red light

Measurement speed:

15 sec for MT12 Single Mode in dual mode

USB outputs : USB 3.0
Power source: 12 V
Weight (kg): 9.8
Dimensions H x W x L (mm): 139 x 249 x 263