The new D Scope EFI for MTP/MPO and multifibers field connectors  is a cost effective microscope for inspecting fiber optic patchcords and cassettes.

Easy to use, the D Scope EFI allows the operator to check the cleanliness of the endface or the guide holes  before any connection.

With the use of BLINK Deep Learning the D Scope EFI automates the cleanliness analysis of MTP / MPO connectors. The user can thus rely on the AI to define whether the connector is clean or should be reprocessed.

With the compact version, the D Scope EFI-C, the operator can easily move the microscope to the cable terminus to be inspected. All adaptors accept both PC and APC connectors or ferrules.

D Scope EFI-C LWD is dedicated to control connectors in adapters. The Long Working Distance of the optics allows the user to connect in all MTP / MPO adapters, whether mounted on a patchcord, in a cassette or in any type of box.


Order options

D Scope EFI unit


D Scope EFI-C unit


MT adapter M/F, PC/APC, 12/24 and 16/32 fibers


MPO adapter M/F, PC/APC, 12/24 fibers


HMFOC adapter Jack, PC/APC


HMFOC adapter Plug, PC/APC



D Scope EFI-C LWD, 12/24 fibers 70-DSEF-V1-N01-20
Key features
  • Inspection of PC/APC MTP/MPO connectors, Field connectors and MT ferrules
  • Real time full connector endface view
  • High resolution optics
  • Easy to use Autoexposure function
  • Adjustable polarized lighting for D Scope EFI
  • Intuitive Blink software with Deep Learning analysis
  • Compatible with desktop PC, laptop, tablet PC
EFI (benchtop) EFI-C / EFI-C LWD
Magnification : x 50 x 50
Output : USB 2.0 USB 2.0
Power source : USB 2.0 USB 2.0

Dimensions HxWxL (mm):


51 x 46 x 146

Weight (kg) :

0.76 0.35