Koncentrik-V2 is a modular measurement system. Fiber or ferrule eccentriccity measurements can be performed using different mechanical modules.

Koncentrik-V2 with connector module is dedicated to eccentricity measurement of fiber core relative to ferrule envelope. The unit is able to measure the concentricity and indicate the angular value of maximum eccentricity.

Koncentrik-V2 with ferrule module is dedicated to concentricity measurement of ferrule bore to ferrule envelope. The software indicates the maximum eccentricity angle when rotating the ferrule.

With the Blink software platform, Koncentrik-V2 is an
easy to use measurement unit with database connectivity. It allows to tune connectors already assembled, tune ferrules before glueing the fiber or to sort ferrules by grade.

Order options
Koncentrik Connector unit with:
– Blink Concentricity


Holder for patchcord 1.25mm, sleeve-type


Holder for patchcord 2.50mm, sleeve-type


Holder for patchcord 1.25mm, VGroove-type


Holder for patchcord 1.60mm, VGroove-type


Holder for patchcord 2.00mm, VGroove-type


Holder for patchcord 2.50 mm, VGroove-type


Holder for patchcord 3.17mm (SMA), VGroove -type


Key features
  • Measures diam. 2.50 mm and 1.25 mm PC type connectors
  • APC connectors option available
  • Ferrule end-face visual inspection at x 400 magnification
  • Accurate and repeatable measurements
  • User adjustable quality level for high-speed measurements
  • Easy calibration Blink Concentricity software
  • Eccentricity measurement : reproducibility +/-0.05µm ; range : 0 to 100µm
  • Measurement data exported in standard CSV format
  • Statistics on measurements available
  • Measurement report in HTML format
  • Compatible with desktop PC, laptop, tablet PC

Eccentricity (μm) :

0 to 100

Indexing measurement (degrees) :

0 to 360
Measurement speed (sec.) : 10 (depends on user)
Magnification : x 400
Ferrule outside diameter (mm) :

1.00 to 3.17

Fiber core diameter (μm) :

5 to 400

Power source :

12 V

Dimensions HxWxL (mm):


Weight (kg) :