PM Aligner is the simplest way to orientate precisely a PANDA Polarization Maintaining fiber inside a connector or ferrule.

With a very long working distance, PM Aligner allows
the operator to work manually around the ferrule of the connector. After positionning, the curing phase becomes easy to realize without affecting on the PM fiber alignement.

With Blink PM Alignment software , the PM Aligner will measure and display in real time the angular alignement of the stress elements.

Order options

PM Aligner unit with :

–  Manual focus

–  Blink PM-Alignment

–  1 set for 1.25mm or 2.50mm connectors (1 sleeve holder, calibration stub, adapter

Set including :

– Calibration fiber stub, 1.25mm, for PM fiber calibration.

– LC adapter


Set including :

– Calibration fiber stub, 2.50mm, for PM fiber calibration.

– SC adapter


Adapter, 2.50mm FC Wide


Adapter, 2.50mm FC Narrow


Key features
  • Measures PANDA style fibers
  • Exceptional long working distance of 65 mm
  • Automated and real time measurement
  • Easy calibration with Blink PM Alignment
  • High speed USB 2.0 for live digital image
  • Measurement data exported in standard CSV file
  • Database connectivity
  • USB powered – no outside power supply needed
  • Measurement report in HTML format
  • Compatible with desktop PC, laptop, tablet PC